Solar Spot Light, Pro Series, 16 Selectable Colors

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We are excited to introduce our new Pro Series Solar Spot Light.  It incorporates the latest in technology to bring you a solar spot light like no other.  Six dedicated 2700K warm white leds give you the capability to set your brightness at 110, 180, 270 and 340 Lumens.  In addition to 2700K warm white you are able to choose from 15 different colors and four color changing modes for a truly customized look.  A 5ft. cord allows you to position the solar panel in the best possible position for optimum performance.  The Pro Series Solar Spot Light will last 5-7 hours at peak brightness with a full charge and begin to slowly dim as the night goes.  Great for Pond lighting, Garden lighting etc.

Made of durable Aluminum Cast with corrosion proof heavy duty PVC stakes.

Assembled in the USA

1 Year Warranty

Shipping weight: 3 lbs

This fixture requires at least 6 hours of sunlight hitting directly on the solar panel to function properly.  If your property is heavily shaded we do not recommend this fixture.


3.10 LBS