100W, 12000 LUMENS

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We are excited to introduce our new solar parking lot light.  Rated at 100 Watts and 12,000 Lumens this light packs a serious punch.  The GBTSL-1 is designed to turn on at dusk and stay on at 100% brightness for a period of 60 seconds.  After 60 seconds if no motion is detected it will transition into power saving mode and dim to 50% brightness.  If motion is detected it will switch back to 100% brightness until motion is no longer detected.  Pole is not included.  You must supply your own pole.

Battery: LiFeP04 Li-ion

Discharge Time: 10-12 Hours

Charge Time: 6-7 Hours with sufficient Sunlight

Solar Panel: 18V/100W

Lumens: 12,000

Kelvins: 5,000K

Operating Temp: -40 - 45 degrees C

Elements Protection: IP65

Beam Angle: 120 Degrees

Warranty: 3 years.  Serviceable in El Paso, TX

Diameter of Top: 34 Inches

Height: 19 Inches

Tenon Pole Adaptor: Fit 2.5" and 3" Poles

Weight: 40 lbs


42.00 LBS