Transformer, 300W, Stainless Steel, Multi-Tap

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This transformer is ideal for LED installations!

This UL1838 compliant power unit is perfect for large sized, large run indoor/outdoor applications. Provides plenty of power to light up several Pathway and Spot Lights. Designed to eliminate voltage drop that may occur at the end of a longer than normal run. Simply select the right voltage from 12v - 15v to bring up the brightness of your bulbs at the end of the wire run.

Constructed of stainless steel. Has an advanced Digital Display to provide easy programming. Simply turn the unit on, set the amount of hours you want your lights to operate and you are done! Uses Advanced Photocell Technology to turn the lights on at dusk, and turn off at your desired time.
Equipped with a 3 prong electric plug that plugs into standard wall outlets.

Can be used in dark environments when used with a separate timer. Scroll down to related products for more information on our timers.

5"W 4.75"D 10.5"H


15.00 LBS